Saturday, August 17, 2013

Media Text Analysis Proposal

Your proposal is a way for you and I to communicate about what will be a good manageable topic for this assignment.  Please do read (and re-read) the post about the Media Text Analysis Essay *and* review the rubric in the shared google docs folder.  Both of these will help you think about some of the constraints that you should consider as you choose your media text.

I suggest that you choose a media text that you find provocative, difficult to understand or really excellent in construction.  I discourage you from choosing a text that has strong personal emotion attached (we'll talk about *why* that is in class).

Since your interpretation of this text has to make connections between the textual meaning and the culture that we live in -- it's important that this text has made some kind of "blip" on the popular culture screen.  I don't care if it has wide mainstream appeal, or has created a sensation amongst a very small segment of the population -- I just think it's important that the text has resonated with a wide diverse audience and has been popular enough to have been passed around, talked about and widely known.

Generally smaller texts are ideal:  a music video, a song, a commercial, an episode of a television show, the cover of a magazine, a feature news story or maybe one level of a video game or one character in a video game.  It is possible to analyze larger texts (like books or movies or whole albums or whole video games), however you'll have to work harder to understand them wholistically and boil your analysis down to a coherent and concise essay.

I strongly urge you to submit a proposal, but there are no points for this assignment, so it's optional for you.

Please tell me exactly what text you will analyze and why you have chosen to analyze it.

Your proposal should be no longer than one paragraph.

Please submit your proposal as a google document that you share with the class email (look at the syllabus for the address) not with the teacher's email address.   Since our entire class will include sharing google docs, this is a great practice run.

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