Sunday, September 12, 2010

Filmic Grammar and Visual Literacy.

I mentioned in class that there would be a video for you to watch to gain some more vocabulary connected to filmic grammar and visual literacy.

Thanks to Sarah M for reminding me to post!

Here's a helpful video on youtube. There are more like it. You may want to peruse some of them. Clearly this comes from the perspective of a filmmaker, developing the knowledge to be a "maker" -- while I don't expect most of you to aspire to the "maker" level of filming (except for your media story!), clearly we can benefit from his helpful indexing.

This link is actually more geared toward the savvy reader. It approaches film from the perspective of "film theory" & "film criticism" more fields of expertise that I don't necessarily think you need to aspire toward -- BUT fields that will definitely aid you in achieving the aims of this class -- shaping you into a media literate citizen.