Thursday, August 23, 2007

Digital Storytelling

One of the genres of media that has developed in tandem with the new media developments of the last decade is called: Digital Storytelling. Below you can find a number of links to digital stories. Beyond those links, I provide a few links to tutorials on how to create your own digital stories. Because I think that media production can be a really important part of building media literacy -- I would like to invite you to make your own digital story and post it as one of your blogs. With free video hosting available at Youtube, Googlevideo and elsewhere -- there aren't many barriers to you making your own digital stories and publishing them on the web.

Some Worthy Digital Stories


A Bunch of Examples

Some Helpful Tips for Creating Digital Stories

What is Digital Storytelling?

A PDF from the Digital Story Center

Some Production Techniques

Because the extra steps of production will cost you so much more time -- any digital story that you create for the web can count for up to three blog entries (6 points!).

If you're feeling REALLY industrious, I'll let you make two digital stories (that's 12 points total available! Almost half of your blog entries), BUT (of course there are several more requiremements) check out this blog post, first.